Study: More people stressed after year into COVID-19 pandemic

Updated: Feb. 5, 2021 at 3:59 PM CST
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Are you feeling stressed out?

A year into the pandemic, a new study finds people struggling more now than they did before COVID-19 impacted our lives.

“Why wouldn’t they be stressed? We’ve been going through this now for over a year and we’ve all had to curtail some very important activities in our lives,” said Bob Dale, counselor at Dale and Associates.

Dale said the pandemic isn’t the only thing causing stress, it’s the economy, politics and our day to day lives.

“I mean the psychological definition of stress is any organisms reaction to change and we have multiple changes going on in our society right now. So yes, its bad,” he said.

But Dale said there are ways to feel less stressed.

“Journaling is great tool. If you will just sit down at the end of the night with a blank piece of paper and write down what you’re thankful for,” he said.

Or if you are feeling anxious.

“Carry a bottle of water with you and turn it upside down and take big, long chug and then when you finish that chug, you breath, and get your breathing back in line,” he said.

Also, Be Chosen Academy Gym Owner Kweku Arkorful said just get outside.

“If you could just get out, if you could just walk, if you could just take a deep breath those type of things are what eliminate stress the most and are just beneficial for your health,” he said.

For Arkorful working out is his escape.

“When you’re working out it forces you to think about that right there, you’re not thinking about ‘man what about this or that’ no, you’re thinking about, let’s get this workout in,” he said.

And while the end of the pandemic is unknown, Dale reminds all to just breath.

“Take three deep breathes in and three deep breaths out, breath in rhythmically, breath out rhythmically and calm down.” he said.

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