Perry County, Mo. to get high-speed internet

Perry County, Mo. to get high-speed internet

PERRY COUNTY, Mo. (KFVS) - Those in Perry County are stepping into the 21st Century with high-speed internet.

Spectrum has partnered with the City of Perryville to launch a faster broadband speed for its residents.

“I’m happy to be here today for a partnership with the city of Perryville because they do share our vision for the future,” said City Administrator Brent Buerck.

The vision to bring high-speed internet to rural areas across the county.

“Spectrum is a connectivity provider, so we like to keep people connected,” he said. “And this is just a great opportunity to work with the city of Perryville to make people realize we have blazing fast internet speeds available to them.”

Wes Shirley, senior manager of communications, said the cost to bring in faster internet was an investment to help the community.

“We have been investing significantly in our network over the last several years, to make sure that these speeds and our network is available and reliable for customers both businesses and those in their homes,” Shirley said.

City administrator Brent Buerck said the partnership will help the city thrive.

“Internet service is vital to kids, it’s vital to families, it’s vital to businesses,” he said. “Perryville is now able to provide our citizens the services they deserve so they can do what they need to right here at home.”

By switching over to a faster internet service.

“It’s just a matter of calling Spectrum and asking for a faster speed.”

Perry County residents are currently able to have the fastest internet speed available.

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