Sikeston juniors to take ACT for free

Students take ACT for free in Sikeston

SIKESTON Mo. (KFVS) - Students in the junior class of Sikeston Public Schools are now able to save a few bucks in preparation for college.

The Sikeston Jaycees donated $5,000 to the foundation making sure the students can take the ACT for free.

“That takes about half of it off our plate. And allows us to give back in other areas across the district,” said Blanton.

Foundation director Amy Blanton said all students in the junior class will now have the same opportunity to take the exam.

“Because the test it expensive. It’s $55 just to take the test,” said Self.

Junior Camryn Self said not having to pay for this test relieves a lot of pressure.

“I know that I won’t have to pay for this one, it’s a free one. Which is amazing,” she said.

She said another big advantage of taking the test, is it’s offered during the school day.

“It’s like a 3-day thing. So, I’ll take the test over 3 days during the school day. This is nice because it makes it comfortable for the students,” said Self.

With hopes, they will be more prepared with higher scores.

“When the students take the ACT we get a report back that says so many percent of the students are college-bound,” said Morgan.

Academic Principal Tiffany Morgan said that’s why it’s important that every student has the same opportunity.

“It gives us some data that we can use to see where our students are at and what we need to do to prepare them for the next stage of life,” said Morgan.

The ACT test will be given by computer on April 20th through the 22nd during the day, at the Sikeston Field house.

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