Williamson County Highway Department preps for winter storms

Williamson County roads treated for winter weather

MARION, Ill. (KFVS) - The first major snowfall of the Winter season fell today across Southern Illinois.

The Williamson County Highway Department said they’ve been prepping for this storm since yesterday.

“This morning we come in and started pretreating the secondary’s with deicer. And loaded the trucks up with salt and cinder mixture and mounted the plows on the trucks,” said County Engineer Travis Emery.

In Williamson County alone, there are 660 miles of roadway.

As the snow fell highways crew were already clearing the main roads

“We’ll plow that off, then hit it with a mixture of cinders and salts to try and dry the roads up,” said Emery.

It’s all hands on deck for the Highway Department.

“We’ve got all the big trucks prepped up and ready to go depending on the snow fall that we get l, we can put a tots of 12 to 14 vehicles on the road if we need too,” said Emery.

Illinois Department of transportation also has 140 trucks out across the 16 Southern Counties.

Emery’s advice to drivers was this.

“It can get slick quick and to give the plows plenty of rooms to do their job if if the snow starts building up,” said Emery.

He said his team is ready for some Snow.

“The guys have been working hard this morning to get everything ready and if the snow flies we’ll be ready to plow it off the road for you,” said Emery.

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