California university rolls out COVID test vending machines

‘This is super convenient’

(KGTV) – Students won’t be getting a Snickers bar out of certain vending machines on the University of California San Diego campus.

There’s only one product inside: a COVID-19 test kit.

“This is super convenient,” said Andy Goodman, a UCSD student “I was uncomfortable at first, but then after doing it a bunch of times, I got used to it.”

Over the last few months, many students and staff were making appointments to get a test done by an on-campus nurse.

But now, the school has installed 11 of the COVID test vending machines on campus, most of them near student residence halls.

“Here it’s easier because I can just walk 40 feet away,” Goodman said.

The steps are simple:

  • Grab a test kit
  • Swab
  • Return vile within 72 hours.
  • Results should be back within 2 days.

The university says eventually the contactless vending machines will be the only option available for students

“The vending machine makes it so accessible,” said student Issa Eddy. “Especially if you have something to do, you have 5 minutes to go do something, then you can come here and get it.”

UCSD students must now get tested at least once a week.

If they don’t, they will be referred to the student conduct office to face a disciplinary process.

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