Ballard Co. Health Dept. seeks volunteers for mass COVID-19 clinic

Ballard Co. Health Dept. seeks volunteers to administer vaccine

BALLARD COUNTY, Ky. (KFVS) - Are you looking to help help essential workers in western Kentucky?

The health department in Ballard County is in need of volunteers for the planning of a COVID-19 mass vaccination clinic that could be coming to the area.

“We want the community to be in a safer environment than they are right now,” said Melissa Ballard, who is the site manager for Ballard County Health Department.

She said she wants to be able to provide more COVID-19 vaccines to area residents.

“I’m the only nurse here in the health department. So, obviously, our community needs a mass clinic in which we would need volunteers to help us obtain that.”

They are asking for the public’s help by taking the information of those who want to assist.

“Of course, this is all dependent on when we get enough vaccine, to have a mass clinic. But the idea is that we would be prepared by getting out volunteers ahead of time. Having everything planned out.”

Ballard said she wants to make sure the public knows they are doing all they can to get more doses of the vaccine in, so they can administer them as quickly as possible.

“We don’t get to order the vaccine, it’s shipped to us by the state’s allotment team.”

“Which is the reason there isn’t enough for everyone and a mass clinic is needed.”

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