Cape Girardeau Co. donates $10K to survey for new college

Technical College need study

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, Mo. (KFVS) - Could a location in Cape Girardeau County be the home for a new two-year college?

Cape Girardeau County commissioners have pledged $10,000 to help fund a survey to find out.

“We decided to pitch in and be a partner in that effort, along with Perry County, the city of Cape Girardeau and some other partners regionally.”

Clint Tracy is the Cape County commissioner who said the idea to investigate the possibility of bringing a new college to the area, came from a special committee.

“Rich Payne, who is the chairman of the area committee to provide technical education. Came to the county, to try to generate some funds to put together a need survey for a technical college.”

Tracy said the purpose of the survey is to pinpoint the impact a technical college would have on the area after high school.

“At the completion of that program, there is not an opportunity for them to continue that education, locally I’ll say, with a degree-granting institution,” he said.

That opportunity can come to the area in two ways.

“...and either pursue a two-year college as the thirteenth of twelve in the state or perhaps even fold that two-year education into SEMO’s current curriculum.”

It all has a common goal of creating more technical workers for the growing job market.

“Those technical skills will allow people to obviously get educated here, but then hopefully continue to stay in this community and add to our regional economic growth and development,” he said.

Commissioner Tracey said the survey funding is about $8,000 short of its goal; and after final funds are raised, the analysis survey should be underway in the next several months.

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