Williamson County circuit clerk resigns after DUI arrest

Williamson County circuit clerk booked for DUI

MARION, Ill. (KFVS) - The Williamson County Circuit Clerk, Austin Crabb, 33, of Carterville, has resigned after her arrest for a DUI.

The Williamson County Board will meet on Thursday, January 28 to accept her resignation.

The Williamson County Republican Party will name a replacement at a later date

According to a release from The Williamson County Republican Central Committee, Crabb told officers during the traffic stop that, “I was drinking at the courthouse, in my office actually. Consuming alcoholic beverages in the Williamson County Courthouse, I am an elected official. I have alcohol in my courthouse.”

In the same release, it states Crabb called officers pathetic, then continued to state that her job was more difficult than she thought it would be, and that was why she was drinking.

Williamson County 1/23/2021
Williamson County 1/23/2021 (Source: Williamson County Republican Central Committee)

The Williamson County Republican Party Chairman, Jeff Diederich, stated in a separate release that the party stands firm in holding candidates and elected officials accountable in maintaining the highest standards.

The release continues, stating that he “look[s] forward to re-appointing a qualified candidate to this position in the near future.”

Williamson County 1/23/2021
Williamson County 1/23/2021 (Source: Williamson County Republican Central Committee)

Crabb is facing a misdemeanor DUI charge after Marion police pulled her over early Thursday morning, at West Main Street and South Halfway Road.

Crabb’s lawyer said there is no blood alcohol content recorded in her case, and he does not have a police report or any surveillance video from her arrest.

He said Crabb intends to plead not guilty at this time.

Crabb was also cited for improper lane usage, making an improper turn and operating an uninsured vehicle.

She posted her bond of $200.

No one in Williamson County government is commenting on her case or work status.

Crabb is scheduled for her arraignment February, 9 and she is scheduled to be back in Court February 24.

The Saline County State’s Attorney is handling it as a special prosecutor.

She was elected into office in November 2020.

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