Heartland political experts react to Biden’s inauguration day

Updated: Jan. 20, 2021 at 4:59 PM CST
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - After Wednesday’s inauguration, KFVS spoke with political experts in the Heartland about the historic day and what’s to come.

”It was a good day for America,” said Peter Kinder, Missouri’s former Lt. Governor.

“I think it was a good day for the country,” said John Shaw, director of Paul Simon Public Institute.

Kinder and Shaw agreed the transfer of power happened peacefully.

Shaw said President Joe Biden set the right tone.

“He was calling for unity and renewal. He didn’t sidestep the severity, the problems and particularly the pandemic,” said Shaw.

Shaw also noted the importance that former Vice President Mike Pence was in attendance, but said it’s disappointing former President Donald Trump was not.

“And the fact that President Trump really was not big enough to meet the moment to do that, I think was disappointing. I think it hurt the country. I think it hurt his standings in the history books,” said Shaw.

But Peter Kinder said Trump was not the only president to miss the inauguration ceremony. He said John Adams and John Quincy Adams were not in attendance.

“It’s better that we put all that behind us and go forward and my party will be, will try to be, and I believe will be the loyal opposition,” said Kinder.

And even with a change in parties this inauguration, Shaw believed Biden wants to work with republicans.

“He’s worked with republicans, he comfortable working with republicans and I think he wants to do so,” he said.

For Kinder, looking back, he said he wished Trump had more support, but looking forward Kinder said things will be different.

“We will oppose this president where we must. We are a devotion to the constitution or to principal on issues demanded. We will work with him wherever we can, but there will be a lot of disagreement, there will be no doubt about that, but it needs to be conducted in a civil manner and a lawful manner,” he said.

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Biden took several executive actions shortly after taking office. Among them a 100-day nationwide mask mandate. It calls for all federal employees and contractors to wear masks while in federal buildings and federal land.

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