City of Perryville conducts improvement survey

City improvement plan in Perryville

PERRYVILLE, Mo. (KFVS) - The City of Perryville conducted a public survey throughout the community and the results are in.

The survey found residents to have a very positive perception of the city and consider it a great place to live.

“We found out that the people who live here like living here.”

Brent Buerck, the Perryville city administrator, said of the residents surveyed, 91 percent rated the city excellent but there is still work to be done.

“There’s still direction on parks, we’ve gotten a lot better on things. We still want to get more,” he said.

He said the survey is conducted every five years and some of the city’s biggest park improvements have come from it.

“The idea of a splash pad come from a community survey. The support for a dog park originated in a community survey. So there’s little things like that we can do to continue to give people the services that they would like,” he explained.

So what’s up next for the city?

“This next time we are going to focus on additional trails. Hiking and biking trails ranked very high. So, we are going to try and do more of that,” Buerck said.

All of this as the city continues to serve the community.

“We work for the citizens that we serve and they provide the direction and we try to do our best to get us here,” he said. “They would like more of those things so our job is to figure out how we can do more of those things.”

The next ETC community survey is set to be conducted in 2025.

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