Cape Girardeau clinic enters COVID-19 vaccination Phase 1b

Phase 1b COVID-19 vaccination clinic

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - A new phase of Missouri’s vaccination program started on Monday, and a Heartland pharmacy helped deliver the shots into arms with a vaccination clinic.

“It went really easy; they do a good job out here” said Kenneth Haas.

Kenneth Haas received 1 of 600 Pfizer vaccines at Arena Park.

Cape County Public Health officially began Phase 1b, Tier 1 and 2.

This includes first responders, adults over the age 65 and those with health issues.

“People should get out and get their vaccination because it’s really easy” said Haas, a 99-year-old WWII Vet.

“It’s nice to feel like freedom is coming around the corner” said Lee Schlitt.

Lee Schlitt is one of the owners for Park Pharmacy in Cape Girardeau.

They have 1200 Pfizer vaccines, and are splitting half between Monday and Tuesday.

Vaccines are through appointments and all vaccinated will return in 21 days for 2nd shot.

“The staff is extremely happy, it’s nice to be out getting life back to normal” said Schlitt.

Others, who received a shot say they have never seen anything like the pandemic.

“Vietnam wasn’t this bad” said Donald Jacobs.

Donald Jacobs is a Vietnam vet.

His wife Brenda Jacobs said we must take advantage of the vaccine.

“People ought to be more scared of the COVID than they are of this shot,” said Brenda.

For more information of when you can get the vaccine you can visit

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