Therapeutic horsemanship helps people with disabilities

Published: Jan. 18, 2021 at 3:58 AM CST
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OAK RIDGE, Mo. (KFVS) - A Heartland program is helping individuals with disabilities through therapeutic horsemanship

“I call her my little rock star,” said Meredith Devenport.

Once a week for the past three years, Lindyn Devenport and her mother Meredith Devenport travel 30 mins for therapy at Mississippi Valley Therapeutic Horsemanship.

“Lindyn do you like to go slow or do you like to go fast,” asked Meredith.

“Fast,” said Lindyn.

Meredith said Lindyn started therapeutic horsemanship at age 5.

“Back in 2017 she was doing occupational therapy, and the occupational therapist had recommended this place,” said Meredith Devenport.

She said it worked as a source of therapy and fun for Lindyn.

“Since then, she’s developed core strength, she’s developed flexibility, and now she able to ride independently,” said Meredith.

“We leave feeling better at the end,” said Varina Luttrull.

Varina Luttrull is the program director for Mississippi Valley. Her daughter also participates in the program.

“For her it helps her diabetes stay under control. It helps them achieve strengthening, balance, flexibility,” said Luttrull.

Luttrull said therapeutic horsemanship is beneficial and safe for expert riders to beginners.

“It’s a feel-good all the way around,” said Luttrull.

“You’re just going to see leaps and bounds and improvements,” said Meredith.

Luttrull said they accept all riders, but individuals with disabilities have first pick.

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