Online enrollment increasing at Three Rivers College

Online college enrollment trending during pandemic

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. (KFVS) - More students are choosing to learn online now due to the pandemic according to Three Rivers College President, Wesley Payne.

“We’ve actually greatly increased our online offerings so that students had greater opportunities going into last fall and this spring,” Payne said.

He said almost 48 percent of students are taking at least one online class this semester.

“We were well prepared for that. We had expanded our online offerings and we have greatly increased our online and virtual support systems,” Payne said.

More students are also enrolling later than usual.

“Students are waiting to see what’s going to happen, there’s a level of uncertainty,” he said.

Student Emilia Morton is taking a handful of online classes this semester. She said she’s grown to love it.

“Originally, I’m not a huge fan of online, in the beginning I wasn’t. But with everything going on and the flexibility of my schedule, online is just so much more convenient for me,” Morton said.

She believes students transferring from bigger universities contributes to the increase in later enrollment.

“They were like well with everything going on I’m nervous about us being shut down again and I’d rather be more cost efficient and come here,” Morton said.

The last day to enroll in classes is Friday, January 15.

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