Educational COVID video sparks interest for preschoolers

Video teaches students to to be safe during pandemic

CARTERVILLE, Ill. (KFVS) - Teaching kids about COVID-19 can be challenging, but with the help of one educational video, some students in the Heartland are applying that knowledge to their everyday lives.

Lisabeth Dilalla is a psychology professor at Southern Illinois University.

After joining forces with Clare Gibson, a filmmaker in Canada, the preschool superhero video they created is making its way through the Southern Illinois community.

“We created this video with the hope that it would just get out there in the community,” Dilalla said.

It teaches kids how to protect themselves and others from the Coronavirus.

“We’re trying to get the sense to the children of be a superhero, help others, wear your mask to help the people around you,” she said. “Children learn by acting on things, it’s how they learn but it’s also how they learn to overcome fears.”

That’s what preschool students at Malone’s Early Learning Center are doing.

Preschool teacher Kelly Mcgee said her students benefit the most from the end of the video when they’re encouraged to create their own superhero gear.

“They really enjoyed making their masks and making their capes, it made them feel really special,” Mcgee said.

She said it’s rewarding to see the kids go home and show their parents what they learn.

“For parents to sit down and be able to watch it with them shows that they are able to learn together and see those values as a family,” she said.

The video is free to watch on Vimeo.

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