Cape County Private Ambulance Service gets new life-saving monitors

Cape County Private Ambulance Service gets new life-saving monitors
CCPA upgrades its equipment in ambulances (Source: Isabelle Hanson/KFVS)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) -New devices that will be installed in Cape County Private Ambulance vehicles could help save lives.

“Time is essential in most of our medical diagnoses,” said Christina Degenhardt, Cape County Private Ambulance Service Paramedic.

When paramedics respond to emergencies, these new monitors and defibrillators will save time.

“We’ll be bringing these monitors into the houses, in people’s homes and facilities because they’re lighter. So it’s a lot easier to get them off the truck, get them inside,” she said.

Once a patient’s hooked up to the equipment, it communicates with hospital staff in real time. There’s also a camera on the monitor.

“These new monitors will be able to send the live images, so they will be able to diagnosis while they’re in our ambulances or we are in the house with the patients and we have them on our cardiac monitors and doing the 12 leads,” said Fred Gross, Cape County Private Ambulance Service Paramedic.

“My hope is that we can get even faster diagnoses to people, and we can do a better job at assessing our patient,” said Degenhardt.

There’s another new feature. The machines take ultrasounds of patients’ hearts.

They said this equipment gives hospital staff a better look at what’s going on in the moment of a medical emergency.

“That could be essential. That could be the difference in life or death for somebody,” said Degenhardt.

According to the paramedics, they hope to have the monitors up and running in ambulances by the end of January. Gross said local hospitals still need to get the system to connect with the new machines as well.

Gross said CCPA’s owners purchased the eight new machines and eight new defibrillators. The machines connect with each other by Bluetooth. They have the capability to be updated and add new features over the years.

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