Heartland high school basketball team wears masks on the court

Heartland school wears masks during basketball games

DELTA, Mo. (KFVS) - Basketball players at Delta High School added masks to their uniform because of the pandemic.

“Kinda used to it now. It’s not a big deal anymore,” said Kendall Holweg, a player on Delta’s varsity basketball team.

Both the boys and girls Delta High School varsity basketball players must wear masks during all practices and games.

“If you wear a mask you’re gonna have your season. Where as if you’re not wearing a mask then your season can get shut down. So would you rather wear a mask and play or risk losing time on the court,” said Craig Huston, Delta High School Athletic Director. “Definitely keeps our players protected.”

According to Hutson, two players out of the about 31 boys and girls basketball players have been required to quarantine this far into the season. Everyone else is staying healthy.

“Once the kids started wearing them and realized hey you know what I can still breathe, I can still play as hard as I could before, then the confidence grew, because they knew hey this isn’t holding me back,” he said.

Holweg said none of they teams Delta has played against so far have worn masks at games.

“As long as I get to stay on the floor and come to school and keep doing what I’m doing, It doesn’t bother me. It doesn’t matter if no one else is wearing them,” said Holweg.

“I mean we have a lot of goals that we set for this year, so I’d rather meet those goals than have to be sitting at home,” said Ashley White, Delta High School varsity basketball player.

The players said wearing masks does not impact how they play.

According to Hutson, Delta’s school board also voted for students to wear masks while in school buildings.

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