New Ill. laws in effect Jan. 1

New Ill. laws go into effect Jan. 1

CARTERVILLE, Ill. (KFVS) - In a normal year where you can expect there to be 200-300 new laws that take effect on January 1, this year looks a lot different with only three laws going into the books.

Patrick Windhorst, State Representative of the 118th District, believed the state should have taken a regionalized minimum wage effort with the economic differences throughout the state.

Minimum wage is now up to $11 an hour

“...and it’s going to go up a dollar each of the next January 1st until 2025, whenever it reaches 15 dollars an hour,” he said.

The next law that went into effect is on insulin.

“There’s going to be a cap in the law of about 100 dollars per month,” he said. “There will also be a data base established where individuals can check on what rates are going for insulin.”

The final law that went into effect is law enforcement agencies can now collect DNA samples of a missing person’s family member.

“That’s just designed to aid in finding a missing person,” Rep. Windhorst said. “And now there is some requirements of the law that if the missing person is found, that DNA will be removed from the database so it’s not stored in perspicuity. But it is just one more tool that will allow law enforcement to find a missing person.”

But, some good news for lawmakers is they will be back in Springfield in January.

“We received notice earlier in the week that were going to go back for a lame duck session on January 8, a week from today. So, this will be from January 8 to the 13, which is when the new general assembly is sworn in,” he explained.

That session will include several topics.

“It looks like we are going to be taking on police reform and criminal justice reform, which are important items of course,” Windhorst said. “But I think we need to focus our efforts on the current state of the economy and the COVID response first before we deal with other items that have more long-term consequences.”

The last time lawmakers met in Springfield was in late May 2020.

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