Heartland health department fits educators with N95 masks

Heartland health department fits educators with N95 masks

ULLIN, Ill. (KFVS) - One Heartland health department wants teachers to be prepared if a student shows COVID-19 symptoms while at school.

The Southern Seven Health Department is fitting those who work in local schools with N95 masks.

“We want to make sure that they feel comfortable, that they are safe, and that we’re reducing the spread,” said Crystal Crim, who fits people with N95 masks.

According to Crim, coronavirus particles will stay out of the N96 mask once it fits correctly.

“You don’t want to just wear any mask,” she said.

The health department started offering this service for free in August for local educators.

“The schools really need it. The teachers, the janitors, anyone that’s gonna be cleaning a room that potentially has been exposed, that way that they are safe,” said Crim.

“Just as we would want to do for our own children, we certainly want to do that and even more for someone else’s child when they’re in distress,” said Robbie Koen, Site Supervisor of Cairo Head Start.

At Head Start in Cairo, Koen said the health department fit three of her staff members, including a janitor, with N95 masks. They did this in case a child shows COVID-19 symptoms while in their care.

“It provides certainly a sense of safety, a sense of ease. You feel more at ease if you feel more protected, and when you feel at ease, it allows you to do your job better,” said Koen.

The properly fitted masks also allow them to comfort sick children safely.

“We take it very seriously, the services that we offer, and the fact that the parent has entrusted their child to us, particularly during this time,” she said.

Crim also makes sure those who get fitted for a mask know h ow to wear the mask properly.

Local school leaders can reach out to the Southern Seven Health Department to find out how to get fitted for N95 masks.

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