Heartland assisted living community residents and staff plan to get COVID-19 vaccine

Heartland assisted living community residents and staff plan to get COVID-19 vaccine

HERRIN, Il. (KFVS) - One Heartland assisted living home plans to be one of the first in line for the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Just really excited that our community here and our residents and staff are considered a priority,” said Howard Saver, Villas of Holly Brook, Herrin, Executive Director.

According to Saver, a vulnerable group of people lives inside the Villas of Holly Brook, Herrin, so they’re eager to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We’ve made sure that we’ve educated all of the staff and all of the residents, and that they know that it’s voluntary. We’re encouraging it certainly,” he said.

Saver said Walgreens will vaccinate the residents and staff during the first phase of the vaccine distribution.

“It can all look good going forward. We’re very optimistic,” he said.

“Having that hedge of protection over our residents will give us all comfort as employees, as people who care about one other. We just really want them to feel safe in their environment and in their community,” said Kimberly Absher, Villas of Holly Brook, Herrin, Activity Director.

Absher said it’s a relief for residents that they’ll see their families and spend time with each other again soon.

“Most people want to be with others and be with their peers, and have that fellowship with one another, and they’re really missing out on that,” she said.

Plus, they said getting the vaccine will comfort employees as well.

“Knowing that we’re safe, our families can rest easy, our parents, our children. That will really help in facilitating them feeling good about us coming to work and not worrying about us so much,” said Absher.

“I think this will give people a new air of confidence you know and feel that they’re more protected,” said Saver.

Saver’s waiting to hear exactly when residents and staff can get vaccinated. He said an extremely high percentage of those who live at the facility plan to sign up for the vaccine.

Absher said they’re thankful for people in the community who have sent cards and prayers during the pandemic.

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