Change to upcoming standardized tests in Missouri

Updated: Dec. 9, 2020 at 5:20 PM CST
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The pandemic changed another aspect of school, this time it’s standardized tests.

“I think it will go a long ways in alleviating some of the burden that the teachers feel right now,” said Dr. Neil Glass, Cape Girardeau Public Schools Superintendent.

According to Dr. Glass, the Missouri State Board of Education suspended exam results for this spring’s standardized tests.

“Even in a normal school year there’s a lot of anxiety built up in front of the state standardized test, and so there would be even more so this year,” he said.

“We know that these times over the past few months have already caused a heightened level of stress, and we really did feel that this was the best decision to make,” said Tracy Hinds, Deputy Commissioner in Department of Secondary and Elementary Education’s Division of Learning Services.

Although the results will not be held against school districts in Missouri, Hinds said they still hold value.

“You really want to use this information to help inform us. We want to know the impact of the pandemic. We want to really explore how the different patterns of instruction impacted student instruction, and how they were able to retain the information,” said Hinds.

“We are very interested in learning more about the losses, learning losses of our students, where the gaps are, the inequities,” said Dr. Glass. “We need the information that’s on the state standardized tests to evaluate that data and find the gaps, but we don’t need that added pressure of holding, grading a school district based off these tests, because kids are all over the board depending on where they were at during the pandemic.”

According to Dr. Glass, state and local school leaders will evaluate the test data and focus additional resources where they need to moving forward.

“Our teachers are really doing the best they can right now to serve our students, and that’s our goal is to serve our students educationally, but our number one goal is to keep our students safe,” said Dr. Glass.

As for how students learning from home will take the standardized test, that’s still being discussed.

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