Annual Adopt a Veteran program underway in Perry Co., Mo.

Annual adopt a veteran program

PERRY COUNTY, Mo. (KFVS) - People across the Heartland have an opportunity to show their appreciation this holiday season, to Perry County Veterans.

Now in its third year, the Adopt a Veteran program is underway.

“This is the community’s way of helping to pay back our veterans.” Missouri National Veterans Memorial Volunteer Nancy House said.

She stated that she’s happy to be a part of a program that puts a smile on a veteran’s face. “We’ve found out that so many of our veterans with the virus and things going on their families have extra hardships and they can’t help them right now.”

Each year the program brings gifts to more than 120 veterans in need.

“Last year when we put it up, we had 111. Eight days, 10 days later we only had 11 names left. It was just lickity split,” said House.

The program organizers help by reaching out to local veterans, their families and caregivers to find out what they need.

“We put it on a paper, on a tree. Folks are invited to come in and take one. Purchase the items, wrap them, and bring them back to us,” said House.

The gifts are then distributed to the Veterans on Christmas Day.

“This Adopt a Veteran Program, is a wonderful way for our local community to show our support, our gratitude, our thank you to our local veterans for everything they have done for us and to pay back,” said House.

Due to an overwhelming response the Missouri National Veterans Memorial would like to say ‘thank you’ to everybody who participated in the Adopt a Veteran program, all of this years veterans in need have been adopted.

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