Heartland high school choir prepares for virtual district auditions

Virtual choir competitions

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - Many school clubs and groups are adjusting to the new way of doing things amidst the pandemic and for some, this means virtual competitions.

Choir students at Saxony Lutheran are taking a new approach to their annual All-District and All-State auditions which are virtual.

“I’m a little nervous because it is different and not quite what we’re used to, but I’m very excited,” Senior, Mattie Bowyer said.

This is Mattie Bowyer’s fourth year in the choir. She said there are some benefits to the new audition process that got moved to January.

“We can retake our auditions as many times as we want because they’re just videos and then send them in, that’s really nice,” Bowyer said.

She also said the sight-reading portion won’t be happening at All-District this year.

“It gives the opportunity for a lot of younger kids and people who don’t have as much experience and even me, to like, audition and not have to worry about that,” she said.

Choir teacher, Misty Rivers said that’s a big motivator for her students and more of them are trying out this year.

“Normally I average about.. at this small school probably about eight kids auditioning... I have 15,” Rivers said. “More kids were like, you know, I think I’ll try and you know we need those blurbs of goodness in this chaos”

Rivers says when the students get accepted into each ensemble, they just walk away with the title instead of joining together for a performance.

“That’s the hard part I think for everything is they’ll still get the merit of making it, they’ll get certificate, a think a medal too but that’s it at that point,” Rivers said.

“It is sad to see my hard work like not getting to fall all the way through with it but I understand that there could be consequences if we didn’t do what we’re doing, we have to take these precautions because we don’t want more people getting sick,” Bowyer said.

As of right now, the choir will still have its annual Christmas concert in person on December 13th.

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