Woman sells macramé items to help teen injured in Jackson, Mo. crash

Woman sells macramé items to help teen injured in crash

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - A Jackson woman hand crafts and sells macramé ornaments and keychains to help a teenager’s medical expenses and his family’s expenses after a car crash.

Colton Friese was involved in a three-car crash on October 16 near Jackson where he was one of four people injured.

He was taken to an area hospital, then to St. Louis where he has remained in serious condition for the last six weeks.

Friese and his family have many businesses and individual supporters helping out, including Cara Eggimann.

“I couldn’t sit still anymore,” Eggimann said. “I was just so worried and there’s only so much you can do. You pray, pray and pray for him and his family and I decided to start using my ability to macramé to help the family.”

She uses rope designed for making macramé items and sells them for $10 a piece.

“I’m right around 300 pieces at this point. Keychains and Christmas ornaments now,” Eggimann said. “All the money is going to them now. I am just donating my time and all the material I can.”

She has already sold 200 pieces and raised $2,000. She has another 100 pieces already made as well.

“To think about all what his mother is going through, I thought maybe if I could just make enough to help for her to stay by his side,” Eggimann said. “I know there’s only so much I can do but if I could keep things easier on them, to keep them there with him, then that could be my weekly goal.”

Eggimann said she recently spoke to Friese’s mother Tonya and was told that she is thankful for the support and prayers.

“She just wanted to make sure that everybody knew how much she appreciates all the prayers…because he needs them,” Eggimann said.

If you would like to purchase one of these items, you can find them for sale at Kosmetic Kar Doctor in Jackson.

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