Cape Girardeau Police encourage safety precaution for holiday burglaries

Protecting your home during the holidays

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - If you are leaving for the holiday season local police say to PROTECT YOUR HOME.

Burglaries are more likely to occur this time of year, and officials are helping makes sure you take the necessary precautions this holiday season.

“People who go home for extended time over the holiday, need to be very careful and make sure they take all precautions to secure their home” said Sgt. Joey Hann

Cape Girardeau Police Department Training Sargent, Joey Hann said nationally there is usually an increase in vehicle and home burglaries during the holidays, and does not expect there will be much change this year.

“Unfortunately, anytime we’re in an economic decline crime does increase, so we are concerned this year there might be a slight increase” said Hann.

Sgt. Hann explained that you should take these precautions if you do plan to travel this winter break.

Always make sure your door is locked behind you, and position your blinds as you normally would.

“Try to record serial numbers on any big-ticket item they have, specifically electronics. Make a list of jewelry kept and make sure it is concealed out of sight. Unfortunately, if that does happen and they do experience break in don’t search your home you never know when an intruder is inside” said Hann.

People told me they feel comfortable having someone they know check on their home and some have already set up safety precautions

“There has been several break-ins... and I would try to make sure all the doors are locked, not just the one door handle. And probably let neighbors know that I’m not going to be around” said Brenda Day

“Generally, if my house is by itself, I have friend or family member that’s staying in the area check in on my house once or twice” said Sami Sacco

“We’ve already got one set up at the house... It just seems like each year it gets worse and worse” said Brian Conrad

Hanna said if you want more crime prevention tips, visit

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