Ballard Co., Ky. school dist. prepared for virtual learning mandate

Ballard Co., Ky. school dist. prepared for virtual learning mandate

BALLARD COUNTY, Ky. (KFVS) - On Wednesday, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear mandated all schools in the state return to virtual learning by Monday, November 23.

We talked to one western Kentucky school district who has been prepared for the in-person shutdown.

“We actually lost a student to COVID,” said Ballard County Superintendent Dr. Casey Allen. “It was this week, and it was the first student in the state of Kentucky.”

A freshman at Ballard Memorial High School, Alexa Rose Veit died on November 15.

Superintendent Allen said losing a student makes it easy for him to support virtual learning.

“My take is that the executive order is timely. That it’s appropriate based on the spread of the virus and based on what we’ve experienced,” he said.

He said there has been a rapid increase in the spread of the virus across the state, but Ballard County hasn’t been any worse than anywhere else.

“In our community, we have seen an uptick in positive cases for sure.”

Which made their way into the county schools, forcing them to go virtual.

“The number of quarantines was such we found it difficult to staff our schools,” Allen said.

Forcing them into county-wide virtual learning, where they have been for the last few weeks.

“We took it a week at a time at first, and we were set as a district to come back next Tuesday before Thanksgiving.”

But he said now, with the executive order in place, Ballard County students will just continue to learn from home.

“We know that we will stay on virtual until after the winter break, after the Christmas holiday for middle school and high school students at least,” he said.

As of now, Kentucky schools will remain virtual until the end of the year and in-person learning could start back as early as January.

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