SIH sees record numbers of people hospitalized due to COVID-19

Record number of COVID patients in SIH

CARTERVILLE, Ill. (KFVS) -Southern Illinois Healthcare Chief Medical Officer Marci Moore-Connelley said SIH is currently caring for 60 patients suffering from COVID-19, and that hospitalizations are on the rise.

That is a record high for the healthcare provider, with hospitals in Carbondale and Herrin. The most pressing issue is the healthcare employees.

“Beds are an issue, but less of an issue than staffing is. Staffing has really been something that is one of our biggest constraints and that we continue to work through,” said Moore-Connelley.

On Tuesday alone, SIH tested more than 900 individuals with an onsite lab, another record high.

SIH is conducting over 600 test daily.

“Our turnaround times are less than 24 hours,” said Diana Biggs.

Biggs is proud of her team. “Its truly been great to see everybody come together to be able to bring better testing to the community.”

Herrin Hospitals Medical Director of the Emergency Department, Joshua Miksanek said his department is ready. “On the ER side, we’re ready we’re used to this and we feel very comfortable taking care of patients with COVID.”

Miksanek advises those who are concerned about symptoms, should come to the hospital.

“We’re there for you when you are on the fence. You know, if you are not sure, I don’t want you to overthink it at home. If you feel like you are sick or having an emergency, I want you to come to the ER and let us that know. What we’re doing, make a determination if you need to be in the hospital or not,” stated Miksanek.

Moore-Connelley is optimistic conditions will improve, but community members must do their part.

“I think it is a light at the end of the tunnel. As Dr. Miksanek said. If we can buckle down and get through this a little bit longer, the early studies and reports on the two vaccines over the last week have been really promising,” said Moore-Connelley.

SIH is still urging people to book their COVID-19 test online.

So far 48 individuals have passed away due to COVID-19 in the SIH system. They range from ages 40 to 95.

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