Generous stranger surprises Heartland veteran with act of kindness

Act of kindness goes a long way
Act of kindness goes a long way(Isabelle Hanson/KFVS)
Published: Nov. 12, 2020 at 5:17 PM CST
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - An act of generosity went viral and lead to a Veterans Day surprise for one local man.

“Words couldn’t describe that moment," said Jessica Aubrey, Cape Small Animal Clinic Receptionist.

Aubrey helps pet owners at Cape Small Animal Clinic every day, but Veterans Day 2020 will stand out in her mind forever.

“I was checking out another gentleman for a particular procedure. His cat was having surgery, and it was a must needed surgery. So, the procedure was a little expensive," she said.

The clinic cut down the price of the surgery for the cat owner. Then, Aubrey worked to figure out a payment plan, when another man checking out at the same time stepped in.

“The gentleman came over and just stuck his card into the payment processor and just didn’t, I mean there wasn’t even but seconds in there, and just said I’m gonna pay it," she said.

$477.36 paid on the spot by a generous stranger, for a life-saving procedure.

“At first honestly it was just stunning just to sit there. You couldn’t say anything, just because you wouldn’t think people would do that, especially in this pandemic," said Aubrey.

According to Aubrey, the good samaritan happened to ask the cat owner if he was a veteran. He said yes, and with that, the man thanked the veteran for his service and went on his way.

“He was very speechless. Very speechless. I didn’t see tears, but I do think that it touched him very much," she said.

While Heartland News couldn’t get a hold of the cat owner. We did speak to the stranger, who does not want any credit. He said if his actions move you in any way, think about donating to your local humane society to help more pets.

“The feeling of that was great. To know that people out there are doing those acts of kindness," said Aubrey.

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