SIH holds briefing as COVID-19 spikes in southern Illinois

SIH holds briefing as COVID-19 spikes in Southern Illinois

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KFVS) - Leaders with Southern Illinois Healthcare held a media briefing Wednesday to update the current status of the novel Coronavirus in their facilities.

SIH Chief Nursing Officer Jennifer Harre said they have more patients in the hospital now than they did during a spike in the spring.

The total number of patients inside the Carbondale and Herrin Hospitals is at 45 as of noon Wednesday, November 11. They have had admitted 380 with a total of 435 as some were admitted multiple times.

CEO Rex Budde urged the community to continue to wear their mask.

Budde said he is concerned with the upcoming holiday season.

“Thanksgiving is coming up. Well, we’re inside the window now, that if everybody starts wearing their mask, we can at least get this thing back under control. Certainly for the Christmas season to some extent. We just have to accept we need to do things a little differently.”

Budde also went on to mention that at their drive-thru testing sites in Carbondale and Marion they are seeing a positivity rate between 14-16 percent.

SIH said community transmission is how the virus is being spread the most. They said more than 100 workers are out, either sick or in quarantine.

SIH said they are fine with PPE supplies, the only thing they are worried about material-wise is gloves.

Budde said they currently have about a 10 to 11-day supply backup on gloves.

The hospital will also add another lane to their drive-thru testing as demands are at an all-time high.

SIH will continue to hold media briefings every Wednesday for the time being.

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