Harrisburg, Ill. school hopes another COVID-19 relief bill passes quickly

Harrisburg schools hoping COVID-19 relief bill passes quickly

HARRISBURG, IL. (KFVS) - Monday morning, President elect Joe Biden announced his COVID-19 task force and also addressed how to tackle the pandemic and how it impacts our economy and health.

School officials in Harrisburg are hoping the soon-to-be president will act swiftly for a relief package to schools

“The relief package that was sent back in April through the last administration was very helpful to schools and that money is long gone,” said Superintendent Mike Gauch.

But, Gauch said help is needed now for CUSD 3.

“I hope there is more CARES money coming for school district if not and this pandemic continues, we could be in very difficult positions.”

In April, Gauch said he bought 1200 Chromebooks for students, but many students living in rural parts of the district have poor internet connectivity not allowing them to complete necessary work.

“They all have the resource, but we bought hot spots, we’ve 've tried internet services we cannot provide them the service it’s just impossible.”

West Side Primary School Nurse Hannah Lane also said more federal money is needed to improve health standards.

“It needs to contain plenty of money allowed for cleaning supplies, keeping everything cleaned and sanitized is obviously the main priority and were going through it left and right.”

Along with those items, Lane said PPE is needed.

“For mask, gowns, face shields, any of the plexiglass we have in between some of the stuff so it’s a barrier for us. Definitely need to make sure there’s funds for that as well.”

But Gauch knows his students perform better in the classroom.

“We all know in-person learning is the best, but it’s our paramount priority that health and safety of children is number one on our list.”

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