Cape Girardeau groups give free rides to voters

Free rides to the poll

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Those who don’t have a form of transportation can still go cast their vote on election day thanks to St. James AME Church and the student group, SEMO Votes.

“We just want as many American citizens who are registered to vote to be out voting tomorrow,” Emily Denlinger said.

SEMO votes founder Emily Denlinger said that’s why her group will join members of the St. James AME Church to give free rides to the polls Tuesday.

“Everyone is a volunteer, so everybody who is giving a ride is a volunteer, everybody who’s helping coordinate is a volunteer,” Denlinger said.

Rebecca Jeffries is volunteering to drive all day on election day.

“Ya know I just want to get out there and make as much of a difference as I can,” Jeffries said.

“It’s just people who are really passionate about helping other American citizens vote in this election,” Denlinger said.

If you’re planning on getting a ride, you will be asked to wear a mask and after the ride is over, the drivers will disinfect the car for the next passenger.

“Some of our drivers are students and then we have some community members who are drivers. We’re also looking for more drivers if anybody is interested in participating,” Denlinger said.

“I don’t care who you’re voting for, I just want people to have the right to vote and get to the polls and vote. Voting is the most important thing,” Jeffries said.

Drivers will pick you up and take you to your voting location, then will give you a ride back home.

If you would like to volunteer to drive or need a ride to the polls, call or text 573-860-0036.

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