Pemiscot Co., Mo. clerk helps voters in quarantine

Updated: Oct. 30, 2020 at 5:19 PM CDT
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PEMISCOT COUNTY, Mo. (KFVS) - There’s lots of ways to vote during the pandemic, one of them being curbside for many counties in the Heartland.

There’s a new option in Pemiscot County for those in quarantine who don’t want to drive.

“That’s a big part of our job, we want people to get out and vote so anyway that we can help, we want to make it happen,” Pam Treece said.

That’s exactly what Pemiscot County Clerk Pam Treece is doing for residents quarantined at home who would rather not vote curbside.

“For this election, from the beginning you know if anybody had that issue we would go to their house and put it in their mailbox and then ask that they would have somebody deliver it or we could come back and pick it up,” Treece said.

Resident Kevin House is in quarantine and got his absentee ballot delivered to his house.

“I’m a social studies teacher and I’m always telling my kids that you need to vote so it’s good that I was able to actually get the chance to practice what I preach,” House said.

He said he and his wife had no issues with their ballots.

“We were able to fill it out, answered all of our questions and allowed for my mom to be able to pick it up and take it back to them so we would be able to participate,” House said.

Treece said all of the participation is keeping her and the other two clerk office workers busy.

“This has been the highest absentee voting that we’ve had. I’ve always compared elections to 2008, we had a lot then but we’ve already doubled that amount,” Treece said.

Since she said she wants everyone to keep voting, she’s willing to accommodate those facing challenges.

Treece encouraged county residents to call the clerk’s office if they need any help casting their ballots.

Pemiscot County and surrounding counties will continue to offer curbside voting until Monday, November 2.

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