Saluki fans eager to watch the War for the Wheel

Saluki fans eager to watch the War for the Wheel

MARION, Ill. (KFVS) - Fans are eager to watch the War for the Wheel, but due to COVID-19 concerns, only family members of the players are allowed to watch the game in person.

The new Oasis Theater in Marion is holding a Saluki tailgate and watch party on the the big, new screen.

Safety right now is the top thing on people’s minds. Oasis has that covered.

“Our parking lot has numbered spots on them. So we are going to try and park everybody. One or two spots in between. So you have about a 20 by 20 square around you. You can wear a mask if you want, they are encouraged but its not required.” said Rich Miller.

Food trucks and beverages will also be sold from local vendors.

This annual rivalry marks the only game on the Saluki schedule. SIU offensive tackle Abdou Toure said they’re more than ready to play.

“It’s finally here, just excitement, nothing more I can say about that. Just we’ve been training every day. Found out this is the end goal. Now we’re here and it’s time to get to it.”

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