Williamson Co., Ill. family says bullet possibly from private gun range hit their home, lodged into wall

Williamson County home struck by stray bullet

CAMBRIA, Ill. (KFVS) - Kiara Thacker was at home on October 16 getting ready to take her brother shopping for his 10th birthday. While getting ready to leave, she said they heard a loud noise.

“I hear a loud bang and at first I didn’t know what it was because I was trying to figure out, like ok, did something happen downstairs," she said.

Kiara said when she found a bullet hole and heard another shot, she the hit floor and crawled to her 10-year-old brother’s room and called 911.

“I’m like okay. And then I put it together and I’m, like, ‘I think we just had a bullet go through their house.’ And then I keep hearing gunshots and then that’s when I’m like, ‘okay there’s something going on,’” she explained.

The bullet went through an upstairs wall, through a door and then lodged into a wall at the front door.

Thacker said Cambria Police Chief Phillip Boss told the family the bullet may have come from a nearby private gun range.

“It was apparently some people that knew some people in the Cambria police. Because when they arrived they said there were already police there before the incident even happened.”

Thacker said the chief indicated that whomever fired the shot is willing to pay for damages.

“They said, ‘oh, these people are good people, they’ll pay whatever you need,’” she said.

“But the thing is, it came very close to hitting us," she continued. "So why shouldn’t that be the problem as well.”

Heartland news contacted Cambria police. We requested a police report, but we were told at the time to contact the Williamson County State’s Attorney’s Office.

On Tuesday, October 27, police released information saying that while investigating, officers found a group of individuals who were target practicing about 1 mile from the home.

Police said it is believed that a bullet from the target shooting may have ricocheted and hit the home. Officers on scene reported seeing what appeared to be a bullet hole that went through the home from the outside and lodged in a wall near the front door of the home.

According to police, the investigation continues and a report will be forwarded to the Williamson County State’s Attorney for review.

The family said home is supposed to be your safe spot and they do not feel safe right now. They had to leave for the weekend.

“We had left for the weekend because we didn’t want to be in the house. When we got back, he was still scared to be in the house. Like he’s still scared now. He doesn’t want to be in the house. So I feel like that safety we had is gone.”

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