‘Figure it out Fridays’ prepare Cape Girardeau students for virtual learning

‘Figure it out Fridays’ prepare Cape Girardeau students for virtual learning

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - One Cape Girardeau school wants students who take in-person classes to know what to do should the school move to online learning.

“Figure it out Fridays” prepare students at Central Middle School for the unexpected that can come along with the pandemic.

“This is how it’s gonna work if we ever have to go home," said 6th grade teacher Chelsea Nesbit.

Nesbit wanted her students to know how to move from the classroom to the kitchen table. It’s something Nesbit already had to put into action.

“I actually had to go home and be quarantined, because of an interaction with somebody that was positive, and it was sudden. So I had to go home and the next day my kids didn’t know, so they had to get on Zoom with me right away," said Nesbit.

During her 14 day quarantine, the students stayed in the classroom with a substitute teacher and Nesbit taught from home.

Each Friday, the middle school students get online to go through lesson plans, turn in assignments, and ask questions virtually. It’s much like what they’d do if they had to learn from home.

Sixth grade teacher Joseph Taylor agreed and said students shouldn’t miss a beat if something comes up.

“If anything, this is a good opportunity for them to really become immersed with not just technology from an entertainment standpoint," said Taylor.

Taylor said his “Figure it out Friday” lessons are productive and gives students life skills to learn at their own pace.

“This kind of instruction has allowed these students to recognize that they can take responsibility for their education, and they don’t need a teacher with them 24/7 to learn. They’ve seen this as a great opportunity again to try out their learning in a different light," he said.

Taylor and Nesbit aren’t the only teachers taking part in “Figure it out Fridays" at Central Middle School in Cape Girardeau.

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