SIU Paul Simon Institute director discusses Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett

Updated: Oct. 22, 2020 at 5:25 PM CDT
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CARBONDALE, Ill. (KFVS) - Potential Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett is now waiting to find out if she will be appointed to the Supreme Court. She is currently waiting on a full senate vote after Thursday’s hearing.

John Shaw, director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, said there’s a strong likelihood Coney Barrett will be nominated next week, but Shaw said President Trump’s nomination of her is controversial.

“So, the Supreme Court has become a hugely controversial matter. It’s been controversial for some time, but this is probably the most starkly and aggressively partisan it’s been in certain recent memory,” stated Shaw.

Shaw said republicans got their way with the nomination.

“It was hard ball politics. The republicans believe that their control of Washington may not be in place a whole lot longer. This was their window of opportunity to establish a conservative majority on the Supreme Court for a long time.”

Don’t expect to see any votes from democrats.

“The democrats have largely decided to boycott the process,” he said. "They, probably, are not going to be able to block her nomination, but they believe they are sending a signal that the nomination in some way is tainted.”

Shaw said if Coney Barrett is appointed, it will shift the court.

“It will tilt the court sharply to the right. I think there’s a sense of fairness, that it seems, in the democratic view, has been violated. The consequences are profound, the process has been rushed, normal vetting and careful hearings and careful examination of the nominee has been discarded.”

He said the Supreme Court is becoming increasingly partisan.

“In terms of just a president choosing people because of their partisan views and their policy views as opposed to just interested, fair-minded judges who examine evidence and come up with fair conclusions.”

Shaw said this is a way President Trump is building his legacy.

“When it’s being politicized this inadvertently, it’s of a concern for all Americans.”

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