Sikeston Autism Center receives $64K grant

Autism Center receives grant in Sikeston

SIKESTON, Mo. (KFVS) - A $64,000 grant from the state will help expand services at the Southeast Missouri State Universities Sikeston Campus Autism Center.

The center’s director, Dr. Renee Patrick, said there is a need for Autism care in the Bootheel.

“We are using the $64,000 to help us expand the number of providers that we have working at the Sikeston center," she said. "It takes a little bit of time to get people credentialed with insurance companies, so it’s helping us to go ahead and deliver the services while we’re waiting for our people to get paneled.”

The grant will also help the center address the waitlist it has for children needing behavioral, speech, counseling and other services.

“It’s going to help us get to the children faster, as those children who need a communication device we will be able to purchase some communication devices so that we are able to start them on those devices while we’re waiting for the insurance to approve their own personal device.”

Dr. Patrick said the grant will enable them to offer speech language services in the near future. Parents will also be able to take their children to the Sikeston location for help.

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