USDA releases tips for fall hunting

USDA releases tips for fall hunting
FILE — Two people walk into a wooded area on a hunting expedition (Source: KEYC News Now Photo, File)

ROLLA, Mo. (KFVS) - The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has released tips for this year’s fall hunting.

Hunting regulations in Missouri are set by the Missouri Conservation Department (MDC).

It is the hunter responsibility to make sure that they stay off private land unless they have permission from the landowner.

Hunters who kill or injure a deer must make a reasonable effort to retrieve and tag it, but this does not authorize them trespassing.

Hunters should watch for “No Trespassing” signs and trees with purple paint as markers of private land boundaries.

The Forest Service can provide hunters with maps.

Many hunters are also using applications, like OnX, to ensure they are on the correct land as they hunt.

Hunters should wear appropriate clothing, including blaze orange hats and jackets.

Be prepared for quickly changing weather conditions, winter storms can move in and catch people by surprise.

Hunters should have a plan for staying warm if weather conditions change.

Hunters should let someone know where they plan to go and when they plan to be back.

Remember to Leave No Trace. Keeping a clean camp makes it easier to pack your trash out at the end when you are ready to head home.

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