‘Yankee Lady’ B-17 war plane stops in Perryville

‘Yankee Lady’ B-17 war plane stops in Perryville

PERRYVILLE, Mo. (KFVS) - An American War Plane built at the end of World War Two made a pit-stop in Perryville.

It’s a rare opportunity to get close to a B-17 Flying Fortress-a relic of aviation history.

“It’s something that gives you a lot of respect,” Donald Meyer said.

“We love it, it’s a piece of history, it’s been incredibly reliable”

Nicknamed “Yankee Lady", it’s typically on display at the Yankee Air Museum in Michigan, but it’s currently flying to a Dallas airshow.

Crew member, Donald Meyer said Yankee Lady turns 75 next July and its one of less than a dozen that’s still flyable.

“People look at these airplanes and say well this airplane’s kind of old, maybe we shouldn’t be flying it, but no. This airplane gets a lot of attention, it’s incredibly safe,” Meyer said.

He said the whole reason they fly it to airshows is to show off its history.

“We’re meeting the grandkids, we’re meeting the uncles, we’re meeting the aunts, we’re meeting the great nephews and cousins or whatever after so and so has passed on,” Meyer said.

Family members like Perryville resident Eric Warren, who tells me his grandfather was a top turret gunner and flight engineer in a B-17.

“It’s pretty wild, for the pure fact that at 18, 19 years old these gentlemen were flying these in battle, it’s pretty intense to look at the plane and compared to today’s planes and what they went through,” Warren said.

Warren said seeing this type of plane in person changes his perspective.

“Like most military, they don’t talk about their times, so when I knew my grandfather, when he was still alive, he didn’t talk about it much,” Warren said.

Warren’s grandfather is no longer living, but this part of history keeps the veterans alive in our minds.

Other historical war planes have landed in Perryville, but this is one of the largest of it’s kind to visit the local airport.

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