Scott City church rebuilds after fire

Scott City church rebuilds after fire

SCOTT CITY, Mo. (KFVS) - It’s a new beginning for a Scott City church that was destroyed by a fire last year

“As the walls are coming up, you can picture exactly what’s gonna go on here." said Senior Pastor Bob Lenz.

A vision is coming to life at the new Restoration Community Church.

“We sat down, and we said okay so let’s figure out what the needs in the community are. Then we were able to design the building around those needs," said Lenz.

From a computer room for students to a kitchen to a basketball court Lenz and the team covered it all in the design plans.

“This is a place for you. The community center with a church in it. But it’s really a community center concept. Let’s build community here," he said.

But this new, exciting chapter comes after real heartache. In June 2019, flames tore through the congregation’s original church building in Scott City.

“As one door closes, God has opened up a new door, and with that, a new season," said Lenz.

“As we all know, the good Lord acts in his time, mysteriously sometimes, and when you can see something that you’ve talked about for 10 plus years, and then it all comes together, what a great feeling," said Monty Keesee, the project’s general contractor and a church member.

Keesee said he always thought a church belonged on the empty land the new church now sits on.

“I look forward to seeing what it does for the community as a whole," said Keesee.

And while the past plays a big role in what’s happening right now, their faith keeps them looking forward.

“We’re building for tomorrow, and we’re building to meet needs today," said Lenz.

“To be part of something that you know after we depart and we go to the other side, that hopefully we look down, and we say look what we got accomplished, and it’s still touching people," said Keesee.

Lenz planned to welcome people into the church by April 2021.

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