Danger Alert: High chance for fires in the Heartland

Officials warn of fire dangers in the Heartland

HARRISBURG, Ill. (KFVS) - Our weather conditions have been windy and dry with low humidity for the last few weeks.

The Illinois State Fire Marshall has put out a red flag warning in regards to fires.

With conditions like this, Shawnee National Forest Fire Management Officer Scott Crist said fires can easily erupt.

“When you add all the together. Fuels that would burn in a wildfire particularly grass and leaves could burn fairly aggressively today,” he said.

This time of year is usually good for those weather conditions.

“Late July into August, September and into October is normally our driest time of year. So it’s normal for us to be dry this time of year,” Crist continued.

He said most of the fires are caused by humans.

“We do get occasionally lighting caused fires, but they’re rare. So since its caused by humans that means its preventable,” he said.

Crist said anyone thinking of burning today should call your local fire department first.

“If you are in doubt you can always call your local fire department and they will probably give you really good advice on whether they think you should be burning or not,” he said.

This a way you can try and prevent a fire before one begins.

Crist said check the forecast before you burn, as well.

The next few days may not be the best to burn either.

“After today were going to see a few more fire elevated days more than likely this weekend,” Crist said.

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