Sandbag removal begins in East Cape Girardeau

Sandbag removal begins in East Cape Girardeau

EAST CAPE GIRARDEAU, Ill. (KFVS) - Sandbags have been a regular sight around East Cape Girardeau ever since the historic flooding in 2019.

Now, the process of removing the sandbags is underway.

“I know that the residents will be very thankful when they’re gone,” Randy Morgan said.

Randy Morgan works as the mayor’s assistant. He said the sandbags saved East Cape’s residents' homes from the high water.

“They were thankful to have them, but now then that it’s over, we’d like to have them removed,” Morgan said.

Raymond Oxford said his backyard is starting to get back to normal.

“It’s really nice now that I can get to the back of my yard back here and mow back there,” Oxford said.

Cody Taylor with Followell Contruction said the sunny weather helps speed up the process.

“It is moving quite well at the moment; with the dry weather we’ve had that’s allowing the ground to be good and solid so my trucks able to get around causing minimal disturbance to any of the neighbors yards,” Taylor said.

He also said they will put grass seeds in the resident’s yards.

“Hopefully they’ll be green by next spring, so that will take us a few days also,” Taylor said.

Morgan said the majority of the removal cost is covered by FEMA.

“FEMA will pay 75 percent and the community will come up with 25 percent,” Morgan said.

The bag removal process should be finished in less than a week, according to Taylor.

Assistant Mayor Randy Morgan said the entire sandbag breakdown process will be completed in the next two months.

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