Two Pulaski County Sheriff’s Deputies receive prestigious award

Pulaski Co. Ill. deputies honored for saving man's life

MOUND CITY, Ill. (KFVS) - Two Pulaski County Sheriff deputies were honored in a special ceremony on Wednesday, October 7.

Deputy Jon Utely and Deputy Jovontae Coleman received one of the highest awards a law enforcement officer can get, the National Life Saving Award from the American Police Hall of Fame.

The two deputies are credited for saving a man’s life.

On August 1, at 1:30 in the afternoon, Pulaski County Sheriff Deputies arrived to a home where a man was fighting for his life. They found a man that had already turned blue, and revived him back to life, before paramedic arrived.

“Just remember going to the call and doing what we needed to do. I mean its what our job is,” said Deputy Jon Utley.

It’s a job he signed up to do when he was sworn in to the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department.

His partner, Deputy Jovontae Coleman, also remembers that day a few months back.

“I just remember getting their seeing that he needed help and taking care of business, none the less,” stated Coleman.

Coleman said being an officer has been a lifelong dream, but helping people is what he enjoys most about his job. “Being able to save that gentleman and have him return to his family is our goal. Just so we can go back, and share with out families what we did today.”

The national Life Saving Award from the American Police Hall of Fame is not something given out every day.

Chief Deputy Lyle Womack knew his colleagues accomplished something special, so he filled out the paperwork to have these two men honored.

“This is the first time this department has given this type of award out. It is a very very prestigious award,” stated Womack.

Womack wanted the community to know that his officers are there to keep them safe. “These deputies are out there every single day protecting and serving.”

Neither deputy knew they were receiving this award,

When the time came, Deputy Utley did not have much to say after accepting this honor. “Speechless honestly, I mean I just did my job that’s what I did so, I didn’t expect anything in return.”

The ceremony was supposed to be held last month.

It was postponed due to Deputy Coleman being an active member in the National Guard and was deployed to Chicago for the riots.

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