Oktoberfest fundraiser continues during pandemic

Oktoberfest fundraiser continues during pandemic

PADUCAH, Ky. (KFVS) - Small businesses across the Heartland are trying to make ends meet anyway they can during the pandemic.

In Paducah, that includes working together to make sure a big fundraiser can still go on, but with some adjustments.

Maiden Alley Cinema relies on donations to keep its doors open.

The 10th annual Oktoberfest event is still happening because of these donations.

However, there will be some changes.

“This year with the pandemic and with the current climate of social distancing, it’s really hard to have a big party,” said Rebecca Madding, director of Maiden Alley Cinema.

She said it’s important for the event to still go on, but without the downtown block party.

“This year we are kind of sticking with the beer-dinner portion and freight house is a great partner,” Madding said.

Sara Bradley is the chef and owner of freight house. She said her restaurant has enough space to host the dinner event.

“We can satisfy the needs of Oktoberfest which are beer, food, communal gatherings, but do it in a really safe way,” Bradley said.

This year, they’re offering a week-long dinner instead of just one night.

“Every year we have sold out the beer dinner within days of making it available to the public,” Bradley said.

She said tickets won’t be required and prices will be lower than usual.

“The thing that we’ve created- accessibility to everyone; so it’s not just limited to 80 guests. Now you have a week to come and try everything,” Bradley said.

“Its a highly anticipated event every year from our patrons and our volunteers,” Madding said.

Madding also said on average the Maiden Alley Cinema makes around 30 thousand dollars through Oktoberfest which goes toward its operations.

The event will be held at freight house October 13-17.

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