Stars and Stripes Museum hosts Liberty Days event

Stars and Stripes Museum hosts Liberty Days event

BLOOMFIELD, Mo. (KFVS) - The Stars and Stripes Museum hosted a Liberty Days event over the weekend.

“Liberty Days is a timeline event where we will have people representing every time frame of American history,” said volunteer Raymond Kitielinski.

He was one of many volunteer reenactors at the event.

“I’m here reenacting the infantry men from World War II to post D-Day,” he said.

That wasn’t the only blast from the past you could see. There were people demonstrating how to make candles, as well as reenactors of mountain men from 1820-1860.

The event also featured displays from inside the museum. Organizers limited the number of people inside.

Two homeschool moms we talked to on Friday were excited for their kids to go on a safe field trip during the pandemic.

“We’re thankful to still go out and do this."

They said it helped their kids see firsthand what they have learned about in class.

Kitielinski and others said they want everyone who comes out to take away a new perspective.

“Respect our nation, respect our military."

“It is a great honor to wear this uniform and tell future generations the stories of these great Americans.”

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