Kennett Fire Department partners with FCC to educate senior citizens

Kennett fire safety education for senior citizens

KENNETT, Mo. (KFVS) - Firefighters in Kennett are starting a project to educate senior citizens about the importance of fire safety and fall prevention.

They are collaborating with mental health specialists at the Family Counseling Center to show support for the elderly community.

“I think it’s going to be a great program to help the seniors and it’s something that is needed,” William Beaty said.

William Beaty said he’s thankful the Family Counseling Center and Kennett Fire Department are remembering senior citizens.

“It just seemed like a natural fit. We concentrated on the youth and always have, but when you look back at our records, the last several fire fatalities we’ve had have been in the elderly community,” Dennis Hamlett said.

This is why Fire Marshal Dennis Hamlett is implementing the new program.

“It gives us the fire prevention and fall prevention dealing with tripping over rugs, cords, loose throw pillows and things of that nature,” Hamlett said.

He said it will be an interactive open discussion.

“And it covers the smoke detectors, cooking safety, things that they actually encounter every day,” Hamlett said.

Noble Shaver volunteers with Kennett Fire and rescue and also works for FCC. He said mental health experts will be involved in this program as well.

“We can kind of touch base with elderly individuals in the community and share with them some of the warning signs that we see in our elderly population,” Shaver said.

Warning signs of depression and anxiety is what they see the most.

“Let them know that services are there, support is there if they need it,” Shaver said.

“The seniors are the forgotten people, more or less that they need to be notified and be able to get help,” Beaty said.

Hamlett said program leaders are working to set up dates and times and it will happen at the Kennett Fire Department Administration building.

Noble Shaver said the Family Counseling Center is interested in partnering with the fire department for more programs in the future.

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