Trump administration invests $270,000 in two Dunklin Co. communities

Trump administration invests $270,000 in two Dunklin Co. communities
The city of Clarkton will use a $120,000 grant to repair city streets. (Source: WBRC)

COLUMBIA, Mo. (KFVS) - The Trump Administration, along with Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development State Director for Missouri Jeff Case, announced that the USDA is investing $270,000 to improve streets, roads, bridges, and culverts in the city of Clarkton and Cotton Hill Township.

“Rural community leaders are constantly identifying infrastructure improvements needed to best meet the needs of the hard-working rural Missourians they serve,” said Trump Administration Official State Director Case. “Through our Community Facilities programs, USDA Rural Development partners with communities to maximize the affordability of their infrastructure needs. Under the leadership of President Trump and Agriculture Secretary Perdue, USDA has been working tirelessly to be a strong partner to rural Missouri in building stronger and healthier communities, because we know when rural America thrives, all of America thrives.”

The city of Clarkton will use a $120,000 grant to repair city streets.

Clarkton’s streets have extensive potholes and suffered further damage after torrential rains caused flooding and erosion of city roads.

Repairs will improve the overall safety for Clarkton citizens and allow first responders to provide timelier emergency response.

A $336,559 Community Development Block Grant from the Missouri Department of Economic Development will also be used for these repairs.

Cotton Hill Township Road Association will use a $67,500 loan and $82,500 grant to purchase equipment for lease to Cotton Hill.

The purchase of a dump truck, mini-excavator, tractor, backhoe ditching bucket, and levee smoother attachment is required to properly perform the work and make quality repairs to Cotton Hill’s 86 miles of roads, bridges, and culverts.

The equipment being purchased is both replacing aging equipment and adding additional equipment that the township currently does not own and must rent or borrow when needed.

Cotton Hill roads have potholes, a typical result of weather and daily traffic from vehicles and farm equipment, but also incurred additional damages as a result of torrential rains and flooding which worsened the conditions of the roads, bridges, and culverts.

This equipment will also be used to address the resulting erosion and deterioration and improve the overall safety of citizens.

This announcement includes funding from the Community Facilities Loan and Grant Program and the $150 million in grants included in the Additional Supplemental Appropriations for Disaster Relief Act that President Trump signed into law on June 6, 2019.

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