Heartland woman holds concert for charity

Heartland woman holds concert for charity

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - A concert will be held next weekend to raise money for those who have suffered from traumatic loss.

The event will take place at The Camp on Wappapello Lake as a charitable night of music.

“I’m really trying to broaden the horizon and break the stigma on needing therapy. To help cope with traumatic events,” stated Coordinator Stephanie Monroe, which is why she is hosting Music for the Mind.

“It is a charity event that I set up for my late husband that was a musician. When he had his accident and passed, I decided to pay all the love and support that my community gave me forward,” stated Monroe, in the form of being an advocate for personal therapy. “Going to therapy has changed my life. It’s giving me coping skills. It has allowed me to help others who have been through multiple grievances.”

Monroe’s need for therapy came after her late husband unexpectedly lost his life in a dirt bike accident back in 2018. Now, his old band mates along with other acts will be performing at the benefit.

“My lineup includes local musician Theron Woods, local musician Maggie Thorn, and then I have a national touring artist Maggie Rose coming from Nashville,” she stated.

In total, she said six bands are set to take the stage at the Camp, at Lake Wappapello.

“Having being an outdoor venue, it allows for social distancing. And obviously when you are not able to social distance, masks are recommended,” she said.

The Music of the Minds Outdoor Concert takes place Saturday evening October 3, and tickets are still available to purchase.

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