Jackson police handle donation thefts at non-profit

Jackson police handle donation thefts at non-profit

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - Police in Jackson deal with the ongoing issue of “donation theft.”

It’s a crime hurting a local non-profit, one that neighbors say needs to stop.

“Lots of activity, dumpster diving, stuff like that,” Clint said.

Clint, a nearby resident, said he sees that suspicious activity often behind Teen Challenge Thrift Store in Jackson.

“We have called the police on a couple of occasions just to have them do a drive through,” Clint said.

He said he usually sees dumpster divers and people messing with donations when the store is closed.

“Sometimes it’s somebody donating and sometimes it’s somebody that’s actually taking the donations that Teen Challenge hasn’t even had the opportunity to see yet,” Alex Broch said.

Lieutenant Alex Broch said officers are patrolling the area frequently to try to stop the issue.

“Rummaging through donations and taking donations from that business would actually be a stealing charge,” Broch said.

“If they’re in the dumpster and going through the dumpster and the trash there, then that would be a separate charge.”

He said this is an ongoing problem.

“We’ve made contact with those people; we’ve dealt with those people as best as we could during that time,” Broch said.

He also said the department is coming up with more plans.

“We are really focusing on working with Teen Challenge and working with the business leaders out there and the city staff collectively trying to get a little grasp on what’s going on,” Broch said.

He said he thinks the Jackson PD will continue to heavily patrol the area until the issue gets resolved.

You could end up with a fine if you’re caught rummaging through the donations or dumpsters.

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