Morley, Mo. receives grant to pave roads

Grant to pave several roads

MORLEY, Mo. (KFVS) - The years of driving on gravel roads are coming to an end in Morley, thanks to a $300,000 grant.

“Its been a struggle,” Rhonda Tidwell said.

She said the potholes and dust create problems for residents getting around town.

“Road grater would come down through here and grate it out. And within an hour or two it was back the same way it was before,” Tidwell said.

She said it’s an ongoing problem. “I’m glad to be having the roads done, it took 40 years.”

Although she’s never had problems with her vehicle, others have according to Mayor Doug Sikes.

“It’s going to save some people repairs on their cars, tore up front ends and bad shocks,” Sikes said.

He stated this $300,000 grant is from Bootheel Regional Planning in Dexter and Scott County Commissioners.

“It took probably about a year to get it through, but it was worth it in the long run, because it’s a substantial funding to help the City of Morley pave a lot of streets,” Sikes said.

In addition to paving about a dozen streets, the city is receiving new equipment for its road department and law enforcement through a USDA grant.

“We’re getting a new back hoe and tractor for street maintenance and also for our sewer and water department to use to put in new lines,” Sikes said. “We also got a new big lawn mower out of it to keep our cemeteries looking spiffy.”

He stated the Morley Police Department will get new radios for its cars.

“It helps our staff to better serve the interests of the citizens of Morley,” Sikes said.

“Thankful for the administration and what they went through to get it done because I know it was a lot of work,” Tidwell said.

Mayor Doug Sikes said the streets will be completed in the next two weeks.

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