Heartland law enforcement agencies receive full body scanners

3 departments to get body scanners

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Area law enforcement agencies will soon be able to spot incoming contraband and other dangerous items on an individual’s person, with the use of full body scanners.

Jackson Police Chief James Humphreys said having the new scanners will help protect his officers.

“When they go through that scanner, it sees everything. Whether it’s on your person, it’s in your clothes or even if you have contraband on your body,” he said.

Due to the CARES Act, the Cape County Sheriff’s Department, the Jackson Police Department and the Cape Girardeau Police Department, were able to come together and secure funding for full body scanners.

These scanners will not only keep officers safer, but they will also help protect other inmates.

“It sees what we don’t see," said Sheriff Ruth Ann Dickerson. “And that makes everyone safe when we’re dealing with a subject. Even everybody else in the jail.”

She explained how the body scanner will help her department.

“First, it detects things that the officer and the human eye may not detect. The other thing, it’s going to allow us, during this covid time, social distancing is a big issue for everyone, and even more so for our officers," the sheriff said.

She said traditional hands-on searches will never be fully omitted, but body scanners will make officers job easier.

“This will allow us the additional resource to go ahead and do an even more thorough search of someone from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet.”

Chief Humphreys said the new full body scanners should arrive soon and be installed in the departments by the end of the year.

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